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Be your own MASTERCHEF with cleaning made easier !

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Cooking for the one you cared is lovely but it’s time consuming as well to do the preparation seriously.

I bet this scene look familiar to you with sink top full of unwashed plates, knive, cutting board and other kitchen or baking utensils.

One of my friends who have cooking experience of more than 5 years has shared with me that one of the useful tips is to CLEAN gradually as you prepare the raw ingredients for cooking. This will reduce your stress for sure and don’t you agree with us? Secondly, you may pick up the falling food on the floor and put into your kitchen temporary garbage waste. Thirdly, you may opt to use a reusable measuring spoon in a cup to avoid excessing washing later :P


For knives and cutting board, as we are using repetitively for cutting raw and unprocessed meat. It will be safe if we disinfect those items with Antibacterial Spray to avoid the risk of getting food cross contamination which lead to food poisoning and stomach flu. HICC Kitchen Disinfectant & Deodorizer Spray fight against all the bacteria & germs such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.



Also, we need to be aware of the kitchen towel or known as “kain buruk” which we have used it for months or a year probably. If it’s not properly clean & disinfected, the towel may contain much more stubborn germs that you can imagine. To make things worse, we normally use that to wipe and dry some kitchenware after washing. It will get your family into the trouble of getting food contamination with a bad consequence. Well thanks to the technology & invention, HICC Kitchen Spray is effectively against 99.999% of common bacteria & germs. Most importantly, its ingredient -Hypochlorous Acid (H-O-C-I) is recognized by FDA as “FOOD SAFE” and heavily used in food processing industry. It’s safe for children, pregnancy women & adults.

As kitchen can be considered as a highly hazardous area with high temperature from the stove. It’s important for us to keep in mind to remove all flammable material from the kitchen area. As you may consider HICC Kitchen Deodorizer Spray as its alcohol free and non-flammable.


One more thing we hate apart of cleaning is the oily odor especially after your “goreng-goreng” session. The oily smell is unpleasant especially when it goes to your laundry shirt and room. That’s why you need HICC Kitchen Deodorizer Spray which it can be used to eliminate odor and at the same time to perform indoor air disinfection as well.

Cooking is FUN but kitchen cleaning is NOT. With HICC, we make things easier as ABC.

Spray – Wipe- Use in just less than 10 seconds and you still have time to enjoy a cup of tea after cooking.

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